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The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Rarities

July 10, 2019

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Every stamp collector remembers their first album. It was a gift from a parent, grandparent, handed down from a sibling or relative, or just purchased with allowance money. Think back to the first time you browsed through that album. History of the United States unfolded in front of you. There were the Founders, Presidents, Revolutionary Heroes and Generals, Scientists, Innovators, Automobiles and Airplanes. Your mind quickly calculated which spaces you could afford to fill on your current budget. You thought about stamps that were beyond your reach and what chores or odd jobs you could do to generate some extra funds. You also instinctively knew, that some spaces would remain forever blank.

The New Amsterdam Collection began over sixty years ago, back in the old (pre-internet) days. Our collector was on a mission to complete spaces in his newly acquired Scott National Postage Album. Over the years, while enjoying the philatelic journey and the resultant education, the quest continued, the means changed and some of those difficult spaces, especially Reprints, Reissues and Special Printings began to fill. When the rare, early 20th Century Coils became available, the opportunity to acquire them was not missed. Once the album achieved a fair degree of completion, the collector moved on to Inverted Centers, picking up an outstanding 1869 unused 30c Pictorial, 1c, 2c and 4c Pan-Americans, and of course an Inverted Jenny, every philatelist's dream.

When it became clear that a complete unused collection was not possible, the focus turned to the rare 1867 Grills. First came the 30c A.Grill (one of only 8 known), then a spectacular 3c B.Grill (accompanied by the original cover from Mason, Texas to Darmstadt, Germany, on which the only four known examples originated); on another occasion, the finest example of the 10c Z. Grill, followed by the iconic 15c Z.Grill (which like its famous counterpart 1c Z.Grill is one of only two in existence).

Much, if not most of the material was acquired through Bill and John Solomon of Dumont Stamp Company, an old established and respected dealership. Their well-known shop was located just around the corner from our current offices. Many of the stamps were accompanied by certificates from the American Philatelic Society Board of Examiners and the Philatelic Foundation. Since condition and expertizing standards have changed since the 1940s-1960s, we have re-submitted all individual items for updated re-examination. Every single lot in the New Amsterdam Collection is accompanied by a brand new 2019 Philatelic Foundation Certificate. The New Amsterdam Collection is the largest single collection ever submitted at one time to the Foundation for certification.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did while researching and preparing the lots for auction.

Best of luck in the sale,
Josh Buchsbayew
Vice President
Cherrystone Auctions

James R. Simon Collection

June 12, 2019

The James R. Simon collection is comprised of over 600 volumes, well researched by a historian and student of philately of very diverse areas, starting with Afghanistan and Albania, continuing with extensive Austro-Hungarian Empire, impressive Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Yugoslavia, as well as Croatia, Fiume and Trieste. There are specialized collections of Honduras, Liberia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and many others. Most of the collections are offered intact and include United States & Possessions, Independent Asia, Benelux and British Commonwealth, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Germany, Greece, Italy and Italian Colonies, as well as South and Central America, Japan, Korea, Portugal and Colonies, Turkey, Uruguay and many others. Many of the collections are highly specialized and viewing is recommended, either in person (by appointment prior to the sale) or here on our website, where additional scans are added continuously.

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The New Amsterdam Collection

July 10, 2019

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