Auction Information

Cherrystone Auctions conducts public sales at our New York City galleries every six to eight weeks. All lots are meticulously described in our auction catalogues, which are distributed to our worldwide clientele. If you wish to participate in the floor auctions, but cannot be there in person, we recommend bidding live via the internet through CherrystoneLIVE. If you cannot be present online, Cherrystone will represent you by executing your written, absentee bids. There are also a number of auction agents who can act on your behalf.

Current Auction

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Ways to Bid

Your bids are strictly confidential, and the placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of our terms of sale. Please note that bids significantly lower than our estimates will not be considered.

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Bidding Increments

Bid Advance
Up to $100 $5.00
$100-$290 $10.00
$300-$675 $25.00
$700-$950 $50.00
$1,000-$2,900 $100.00
$3,000-$6,750 $250.00
$7,000-$19,500 $500.00
$20,000-$29,000 $1,000.00
$30,000-$72,500 $2,500.00
$75,000-$95,000 $5,000.00
$100,000-$290,000 $10,000.00
$300,000+ $25,000.00

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Symbol Key


Superb — A state of absolute perfection. Thus, this term is rarely applied.

Fine (F) — Somewhat off centered, but perfs clear design. Fairly light postmark when used.

Very Fine (V.F.) — Well centered, lightly cancelled when used.

Very Good (V.G.) — Off centered, perforations cut into design. Nevertheless, sound and free from any defects unless otherwise noted.


u — used
* — unused, with original gum, hinged
** — unused, with original hum, never hinged, post office condition
(*) — unused, without gum, or that gum is not original
— a block of four, or a large multiple
— cover, card, or entire
— booklet or booklet pane
FL — folded letter
ppc — picture post card
pc — post card
hs — handstamp
£ — price in Pounds Sterling
¥ — price in Japanese Yen
— price in Euros


T, B, L, R — top, bottom, left, right
P — proof
E — essay
R — reprint
S — specimen
n.h. — never hinged
l.h. — lightly hinged
h.r. — hinged remnant
var. — variety
o.g. — original gum
Mi — Michel catalogue
Zu — Zumstein catalogue
S.G. — Stanley Gibbons catalogue
ANK — Austrian Netto catalogue
NVPH — Dutch Specialized catalogue
SASS — Sassone Italian catalogue

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Auction Agents

Charles E. Cwiakala
1527 South Fairview Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone/Fax: (847) 823-8747

Jochen Heddergott
Bauerstrasse 9
D-8000 Munchen 40
Phone: (069) 272-1685

Frank Mandel
PO Box 157
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 675-0819
Fax: (212) 366-6462

Nick Martin
Phone: +44 (0)1205 460968
Mobile: +44 (0)7703 766477

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