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Sale by auction has consistently proven to be the most convenient and profitable method of philatelic sale-particularly for vendors with little or no market knowledge.

The thousands of buyers competing at auctions save consignors valuable time and energy that would otherwise be consumed by “shopping around,” while assuring sale at the highest competitive prices available. During the last decade the stamp business has changed considerably, and has today reached a point where a vast proportion of all the stamps and covers are sold at auctions.

The size of the auctioneer’s commission depends on the actual realizations. The vendor is thus guaranteed an earnest, all-out sales effort.

It is important to choose an auction house that is licensed and bonded, and has an excellent reputation for integrity and stability. Naturally, it is also important that you choose the auction house with the right customer base. We have as customers the active auction house buyers, as well as the “big” international buyers. This is the result of our purposeful 25-year-old marketing policy and the selling qualities of our auction catalogues. As a vendor at our auctions you are reaping the benefits of our organization and services, and in this way you save yourself many worries. For that reason many executors of personal estates engage us. As far as security is concerned your material is safe in our hands. It is kept in fireproof vaults that are protected by modern alarm systems and have full insurance coverage.

The disadvantage of selling at auctions is that one does not receive payment immediately. To compensate for this we can offer advance payment when the material is submitted and/or on-account payment about fourteen days after the auction.

We are always ready and willing to travel all over the world for consignments valued at $30,000 and up.

In order for our overseas clients to take advantage of the current strong U.S. Dollar, we have a London location (open by appointment only) conveniently located near the Royal Philatelic Society. Contact to schedule an appointment.

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Are you interested in consigning a collection to Cherrystone Auctions?

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