About Cherrystone

Cherrystone is a global leader in Philatelic Auctions, bringing over to $30 million worth of stamps and postal history to market yearly. Our frequently held public auctions feature the widest selection of philatelic material in the world, with a focus on rarity and exceptional quality.

Paul Buchsbayew, President
Paul began collecting stamps as a young boy. In fact, his hobby was the impetus for his father’s founding of Cherrystone. With close to 50 years of philatelic experience, he attributes the success of Cherrystone to his knowledge and love of stamps. He is a member of A.I.E.P. (Association Internationale des Experts Philatelie) and is a recognized expert in Russian material, which he has exhibited around the world.

Joshua Buchsbayew, Vice President
Josh, who represents the “Third Generation”, began working at Cherrystone in 2002 after a career in the Financial World. As an appraiser and lot describer, Josh has had vast experience with stamps of the world. His personal interest is in United States Classics.

Setting the standard for all others to follow, Cherrystone’s sales always feature stamps from United States, Asia, including China, France and Colonies, German Area including States, Colonies and Occupation, Great Britain with British Commonwealth, Poland and Russia, and much more. Cherrystone also offers frequent “Specialty” sales, which usually contain properties of single owners and often feature award winning collections. Some of the recent “Specialty” sales include:

Originally founded as a retail store in 1967, Cherrystone has amassed over 50 years of Philatelic knowledge and experience. Still located in the heart of New York City, Cherrystone has cultivated serious collectors the world over. To find out how Cherrystone can help in the sale of your collection, please contact Paul or Joshua Buchsbayew today.

Cherrystone is a member of all major U.S. and European Philatelic Societies, including the ASDA, APS, U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Collectors Club of New York, PTS, MEPSI, Rossica, APVH, IFSDA, etc.