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Lot #5245
1870-1941 balance of the collection in a PALO album, virtually complete unused, beginning with King Luiz perforated & Embossed issue (mixed perfs, including 12 1/2 and 13 1/2) values to 1000r (Scott 34/51), 1880-81 (52-56), King Carlos (67-78), Provisorio overprints (79-96), 20th Century complete, with sets to 500r (110-131), Saint Anthony (132-146), King Manuel and various surcharges, 1912-20 Ceres (207-298), with perf. And paper varieties, other commemorative and regular issue sets, all souvenir sheets, Air Post, Postage Dues, Parcel Post, Franchise stamps for Red Cross, occasional imperf. Proofs (singles and blocks, various colors, some with security punches), few earlier items, mixed condition, generally hinged, some n.h., few minor faults possible, generally clean, fine-v.f. A most attractive collection

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