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Lot #5173
1845 2 1/2 Rp black, blue & carmine, the iconic Basel Dove, unused without gum, showing plate flaw 3 (white spot to the left of Dove's head and red separating line incomplete at bottom right), margins all around with white showing on all four sides, strong embossing and relief, v.f. and rare unused and completely sound example, signed Moser, with 1982 Rellstab certificate (Zu.8, SFr 18,000) (Basel Dove is the world's first tricolor stamp, issued by Switzerland in 1845. During this period in Swiss history each canton issued their own stamps and the Basel Dove is the first to combine engraving and embossing. Created by the architect Melchior Berry, Basel Dove features blue, crimson, and black colors. Interestingly, it was not appreciated by the local populace and quickly withdrawn. Today, the Basel Dove is considered to be one of the most beautiful classical stamps)
Catalog #3L1
Catalog Value $17,500

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