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Lot #1198
1949-2017 collection on Scott Specialty pages, fairly complete in five large volumes, with used and unused, early issues include Fifth Issue Heavenly Gate (95-100 used), early sets, also reprints of same, souvenir sheets (344a unused, 357a used), 1961 Table Tennis (566a unused), Mei Lan Fang set (hinged), Cuba set (655-60) hinged, also 661-80 (hinged), mostly complete from there, perf. and imperf. (Monkeys and Pandas), Mountains (716-31), Chrysanthemums (767-81), Peonies souvenir sheet (780 n.h.), 1964 15th Anniversary (798a n.h.), plus many others, plus Cultural Revolution 1967 strips of five (folded between stamps, n.h., v.f.), 992-96 singles, 967-80, 982-90, other souvenir sheets (1518, 1540-41), 1980 Monkey (2586), etc., mixed condition up to 1960, from there generally n.h., fine-v.f.
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