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Lot #114
PALESTINE 1929 Orient Flight - balance of the collection Zeppelin Flights
1929 balance of the Fred Blau award-winning collection on pages expertly written-up, with 40+ covers and cards, including various frankings, destinations and cachets, postcard addressed to Kaiser Wilhelm in Holland, another signed by Capt. A.Lehmann, different types of Er Ramle drop postmarks, Contract States mail from Austria and Danzig, card with Palestine franking added, steel (brick red) cachets (only about 250 known), board mail (26.3.29) cancels posted in the last minutes before mail drop, cover addressed to the Philippines (dropped over Er Ramle, by van to Jaffa, by rail to Port Said and by packet via Singapore to the Philippines). In addition there are copies of letters/contracts dated 1898 signed by Melanie David Schwarz (widow of David Schwarz, a Croatian-Hungarian aviation pioneer born in the Austrian Empire, known for creating an airship with a rigid envelope made entirely of metal. He died only months before the airship was flown. Graf Zeppelin was an observer when the first trial was made and Fred Blau located the original contract between Zeppelin and the widow Schwarz, in the National Library, Jerusalem), copies of entries in the "log" book (translation), postcard (LZ 127 over Jaffa),

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