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Lot #1371
1851-1980 collection in two Scott Specialty albums (plus some additional pages), Danish West Indies; Denmark from 1851, mostly used to 1960, including No.1, good showing of imperf. No.2-8, some duplication, also rouletted, Royal Emblems complete, two each General Post Office, regular issues to 10kr, various surcharges, Semi-Postals, Air Post (C1-5 used), Postage Dues and Newspaper stamps, also Officials, Faroe Islands (2-6 used, also additional 2-5), plus later issues unused; Finland from 1856 mostly complete used, with No.2, most of the Serpentine Roulettes (4/13), Coat of Arms, Russian Issue (46-81, mostly used), later issues unused, with Semi-Postals, Air Post (C1 used and unused); Greenland, with 1945 issue complete, plus overprints set of nine and additional two color changes); Iceland from 1873, regular issues, overprints, Two Kings (71-150 complete used), Parliament set unused, souvenir sheet, Air Post (C1-11 unused), plus some better Officials; Norway 1854 (four copies of No.1) and mostly complete (used), with regular issues, Semi-Postals; Sweden from 1855, also Semi-Postals, Officials, booklets, etc., mixed condition, mostly fine or better. A good opportunity to obtain a high catalogue value collection of Scandinavian countries
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