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Lot #1331
1897-1916 selection of 40+ covers or cards, incl. a large Courier letter from China to the German Consulate, three hand-illustrated covers from Tsinanfu, 1912 registered cover from Shanghai to Berlin, mixed franking with 1912 commemorative issue, three cards from German Post Office in Jaffa, also wrappers from Jerusalem, forerunners from Tanga, "Kommando der Flotille" letter from German East Africa, German Seepost cancels, selection of used stamps from Caroline Islands (Jaluit and New Guinea lines), also two pieces of postcards with I.J.O. Ponape surcharges in Japanese currency, Fieldpost and picture postcards, forerunner from Tsingtau, cover franked with 3x10pf carmine, also two cards from Lome, fine lot

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