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Lot #1447
1897-1915 collection of labels, vignettes and poster stamps, in two large albums, incredible collection from an attic find in Paris, untouched for nearly a century, featuring 3,700 beautiful and well-displayed labels commemorating many historical events and innovations mounted on 235 pages, stamps hinged in place, some stuck down, includes many pre-war and WWI era labels from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France, German, Prussian & Swiss military labels, Balkan wars, stamps and labels commemorating expositions of great historical significance including the Pan American exposition, Colonial Expositions, Aviation, Sinking of the Titanic, Queen Victoria Jubilee, the Amundsen Expedition to the South Pole, and more. This collection is heavy on issues from Germany, including vignettes of German and Prussian Royals and intellectuals including Kaiser Wilhelm II, commemoratives of German and Prussian battleships, Zeppelins and U-boats from the 1850s extending to WWI. This vast collection marks an era of war, globalization, and advancing technology, excellent for those interested in the most influential events of the past 100+ years

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