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Lot #1157
1945-47 Manchuria, collection of approximately 3,300 different (!) local overprints, mostly unused stamps neatly arranged in two large stock books, with booklet panes, errors and varieties, tete-beche pairs, few multiples, etc. While some usual condition problems are possible, most appear to be fine-v.f. or better. A splendid collection of these interesting stamps (On 8th August 1945 Soviet Union declared war on Japan and invaded the state of Manchukuo, which was quickly overrun by Russian, Nationalist Chinese and Communist Chinese troops and a great amount of chaos ensued until the Communists gained full control in 1947. From the start of hostilities in 1945 until the decisive victory by the Communists in 1947 special measures had to be taken (often at a local level) by postmasters, to ensure the continuation of postal services and to provide revenue to pay themselves and their staff. The only stock of stamps available were those provided by the former employees of the Government of Manchukuo)
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