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Lot #7128
1860-1950 Mostly British Caribbean, collection on pages, used or unused, with Antigua, including nice selection of Victoria with various shades and perforations, KEVII to 5sh, George V sets to 4sh (both used and unused), 5sh and £1, Tercentenary, George VI, QEII, etc.; Bahamas, with Victoria sets to 1sh and £1, KEVII, George V and George VI to £1; Barbados with Victoria to 5sh, Badge of the Colony and George V sets; Barbuda (used); Bermuda with Victoria sets to 1sh, Surcharges (including "One Penny" with Holcombe certificate), George V to 12sh6p (including two additional 12sh6p used), George VI to £1; British Guiana; Jamaica with Victoria to 5sh, George V to 5sh and 10sh (with three covers), George VI, Postal-Fiscals and Officials; Leeward Islands with 5s Victoria, 1897 Jubilee complete, George VI to £1; St. Lucia with Victoria to 10sh, KEVII and George V to 5sh; St. Vincent with Victoria to 5sh, etc., also New Guinea (including one airpost set to £1), British Solomon Islands (with George V to £1) and Zululand; plus a selection of Great Britain pre-stamp postmarks (coverfronts), mixed condition with some faults noted, mostly fine-v.f., high catalogue value
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