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Lot #2701
1950-51 British Occupation of Cyrenaica and Libya, Senussi Warrior Issues, selection of 94 covers, variety of commercial and philatelic frankings, different combinations and destinations, many registered, included is a 1951 parcel card from Benghazi, also First Day of Issue cancels, etc. An interesting group, seldom offered, Sassone €588,100 (In November 1942, the Allied forces retook Cyrenaica. By February 1943, the last German and Italian soldiers were driven from Libya and the Allied occupation of Libya began. Tripolitania and Cyrenaica remained under British administration, while the French controlled Fezzan. In 1944, Emir Idris returned from exile but declined to resume permanent residence in Cyrenaica until the removal of foreign control. Disposition of Italian colonial holdings was a question that had to be considered before the peace treaty officially ending the war with Italy could be completed. Technically, Libya remained an Italian possession administered by Britain and France. In 1949, the Emirate of Cyrenaica was created and only Tripolitania remained under direct British military administration. A year later, in 1950, it was granted civil instead of military administration. Idris as-Senussi, the Emir of Cyrenaica and the leader of the Senussi Muslim Sufi order, represented Libya in the UN negotiations, and on 24 December 1951, Libya declared its independence)

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