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Lot #691
GREECE Bulgarian Military Occupation of Macedonia/Thrace
1941-44 Civilian Mail, selection of 18 covers or cards, neatly written-up exhibition style on pages, with Dedeagatch, Demir-Hissar, Gumurdjina, Kavala, Ksanti, Pravische, Sappai, Seres, Ser, Ziliahoua, etc., also some large pieces with clear postmarks, many registered, with bilingual cancels applied to Bulgarian stamps and sent to Sofia, fine and interesting group of postal history items from Bulgarian Occupation of Macedonia (the Bulgarian Army entered Greece on 20 April 1941 on the heels of the Wehrmacht without having fired a shot. The Bulgarian occupation zone included the northeastern corner of the Greek mainland and the islands of Thasos and Samothrace, the present-day region of East Macedonia and Thrace, except for the Evros prefecture (at the Greek-Turkish border) which, because of its strategic value, was retained by the Germans, despite Bulgarian protests. Unlike Germany and Italy, Bulgaria officially annexed the occupied territories, which had long been a target of Bulgarian nationalism)

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