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Lot #392
1920 60pf on 30pf orange & black, buff, double surcharge, block of four, l.h. at top, bottom stamps n.h., v.f., with 2000 Volker Erdwieen certificate (Mi.19 DD I)
Box */**
Catalog #22a
Catalog Value €800
Bidding Closed
Lot #393
1920 2pf gray, variety broken "z" in Danzig, canceled (date not verifiable) on piece, v.f., with 2013 Gruber certificate (Mi.32 II)
Catalog #31var
Bidding Closed
Lot #394
1939 German Administration surcharges, complete set used on large registered cover from Danzig-Langfuhr (10.4.40) to Berlin, filing folds away from the stamps, addressee's name covered by pen, with arrival pmk. In addition, there are two registered covers with DAPOSTA souvenir sheets, fine-v.f.
Catalog #221,241-54,C41
Bidding Closed

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