United States Stamps and Currency, featuring the Gerald Nylander Collection
August 22, 2023

Our August 22, 2023 United States auction features the Gerald Nylander Collection of Washington-Franklins, with an emphasis on Proofs, Essays, errors and varieties. Many of the items in this collection are unique and are the basis of some of the illustrations in Scott Specialized Catalogue. Gerald was a consummate stamp collector, contributor to the Scott Catalogue, author of many articles and frequent exhibitor (Essays, Trial Colors and Proofs 1908-1917; Postal Rates, Foreign Destinations and others). His collection also includes U.S. Banknotes and Currency. He was a member of the Collectors Club of Chicago and many other philatelic societies. In addition the sale includes Regular Issues, Air Post, Offices in China and more

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Lot #5180
United States 1909-13 Issues
1912 $1.00 violet brown, two large coverfronts boldly addressed in blue to "Federal Reserve Agent, San Francisco, Cal.", both with strips of three of $1.00 and additional stamps including 50c violet (421 or 422), 30c orange red (420), 10c Perf 10 (433 or 472) and 2c Perf 11 (499), all stamps tied by Washington D.C. double oval cancels, purple "Registered: handstamps and registry numbers, each front with 1 defective 10c or 30c stamp, others fine-v.f. A scarce pair of strips of $1.00 violet brown (these packages carried currency from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing) (Scott catalogue for 423 on cover is $7,000)
Catalog #423
Price Realized

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