Rare Stamps & Postal History of the World
February 7-8, 2023

Welcome to our February 7-8, 2023 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World, which will take place at our Teaneck, N.J. Galleries and over the internet via CherrystoneLIVE. This 1,366 lot sale features better United States, with quality material assembled by a Japanese gentleman. Foreign countries include Albania, with 1913 Double Eagle handstamps, Austria, France and Colonies, Germany with a selection of WWII Occupation Issues, Great Britain and British Commonwealth with Australia, BNA, New Zealand, British Asia and Africa. There are rarities from Iran, including postal history, Italy and Italian Colonies, a collection of hand-painted Karl Lewis covers and more. The auction concludes with over two hundred Large Lots and Collections, ranging from single country albums and specialized collections, to multi-carton worldwide groups and large cover lots offered intact.

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Lot #2261
1860-2003 collection in six Marini albums, collected both used and unused (up to 1960), with some duplication, Old States, with Tuscany and Sardinia, Kingdom extensively represented, with many scarce items (34a, Essays, surcharges, BLP overprints and cards, Franchise stamps, Postage Dues, advertising labels, later issues, including Commemorative sets, Semi-Postals, Air Post, Parcel Post (including Q76), Special Delivery, War Propaganda issues with labels, Postage Dues, also Italian Social Republic, with various types of G.N.R. overprints, including varieties, few covers, mixed condition, some n.h., many expert signed, some questionable pmks or overprints, huge catalogue value
Price Realized

Lot #2262
1862-2014 collection in Scott Specialty album and five Lindner or Lighthouse hingeless albums, mostly complete, with No.17 (used), Kingdom used and unused, few certificates included, better items such as 40c carmine (Scott 31, unused), 1878 20c (35, 36 unused), surcharges (37-44 unused), Humbert and Arms mostly complete to 5L (45-91) and through Trieste Congress (142A-D, with Diena certificate), complete from there (174A-G,258-64, 268/673), with 1961 Gronchi Rosa (834a with APS certificate), Semi-Postals from 1924, Air Post (C28-34,42-47,84-88), Special Delivery and Postage Dues, Parcel Post, few G.N.R. and other local issues, plus a group of used and unused Italian States (high catalogue value, mixed condition), occasional minor flaws noted among early issues, larger hinged and n.h. from 1858 on, fine-v.f. A sold and comprehensive collection of Italy
Price Realized

Lot #2263
1862-2006 heavily duplicated collection of used singles and sets on pages, various albums, issues mostly complete, with singles and sets, high values, Air Post, perforation varieties, overprints, some blocks of four, mixed condition, some obviously questionable, huge catalogue value
Price Realized

Lot #2264
1943-46 Allied Military Government Occupation of Naples and Sicily, collection on pages, used and unused, some multiples, covers, many varieties, etc., fine-v.f.
Envelope *O
Price Realized

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