Rare Stamps & Postal History of the World
November 15-16, 2022

Welcome to our November 15-16, 2022 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World, which will take place at our Teaneck, N.J. Galleries and over the internet via CherrystoneLIVE. This 1,450 lot sale begins with a session of United States and Possessions, with 19th & 20th Century single rarities, graded items, Plate Blocks, a solid group of Proofs and Essays, modern errors (including some offered at auction for the first time), and better back of the book items. In the Worldwide section we are pleased to offer a solid collection of postal history of Allied Intervention in Russia. Foreign countries include Austria, China, Egypt, France and Colonies, Germany Area including better items from the Eric Neishloss collection. Great Britain and British Commonwealth feature high values from various areas, including BNA, British Africa with selections from the Brian Karenza Collection, and specialized stamps and postal history of Kuwait, with many rarities. There are rarities from Italian States, with unused and used Sardina. The auction concludes with over two hundred Large Lots and Collections, ranging from single country albums, specialized collections from the Cole Estate, multi-carton worldwide groups and large cover lots offered intact.

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Lot #1223
1905 two covers with enclosed letters sent by American bee expert Frank Benton from Tiflis (3.10.05 and 2.11.05) to his son in Washington DC, each with appropriate franking and arrival pmks (in 1890 Benton became the first apiculture specialist at the Department of Agriculture. During 1905 and 1906 Benton traveled through the Caucasus, Turkestan, Persia, and India. These two letters contain his eyewitness accounts of the revolutionary upheavals in the Caucasus, "Grave disorders occurred in Tiflis. A clash between citizens and soldiers resulted in many deaths, and martial law was declared. Bombs have been smuggled in or made here and thrown simultaneously in various parts of the city with much loss of life. One week ago, a German Lutheran pastor was killed. News has come of some trouble at Gagry. The director of a government meteorological station there was killed, and the manager of the government hotel was seriously wounded. Have seen many arrests of suspects and people found carrying revolvers without permits. Here in Tiflis carrying arms is now forbidden. Elsewhere every chap carries three or four weapons rifles, knives, pistols. The great strike on the railways began just after I reached Erivan and obliged my remaining in that region two weeks instead of two or three days as I planned. While I was in the Mt. Ararat region, the last dreadful outbreak occurred in Tiflis, in the course of which many were killed (at least 42) and wounded (75 or more). Report has it that the killed were 140. The authorities seek to cover up the matter and suppress the actual figures")
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