Rare Stamps & Postal History of the World
November 15-16, 2022

Welcome to our November 15-16, 2022 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World, which will take place at our Teaneck, N.J. Galleries and over the internet via CherrystoneLIVE. This 1,450 lot sale begins with a session of United States and Possessions, with 19th & 20th Century single rarities, graded items, Plate Blocks, a solid group of Proofs and Essays, modern errors (including some offered at auction for the first time), and better back of the book items. In the Worldwide section we are pleased to offer a solid collection of postal history of Allied Intervention in Russia. Foreign countries include Austria, China, Egypt, France and Colonies, Germany Area including better items from the Eric Neishloss collection. Great Britain and British Commonwealth feature high values from various areas, including BNA, British Africa with selections from the Brian Karenza Collection, and specialized stamps and postal history of Kuwait, with many rarities. There are rarities from Italian States, with unused and used Sardina. The auction concludes with over two hundred Large Lots and Collections, ranging from single country albums, specialized collections from the Cole Estate, multi-carton worldwide groups and large cover lots offered intact.

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Lot #1245
1851-1960 balance of the Robert Cole collection in 17 binders, used, with 1851 1c, 3c (including 11A with PFC), 1857 to 12c, 1861 to 90c, several Grills including Nos. 88 and 93 (original gum with PFCs), 1869 Pictorials to 15c, a nice selection of Bank Note Issues, many unused including several certificates (some n.h.), mostly unused from1890, some duplication including three 90c orange, Columbians including 30c (3), 50c (3), $1, $2 and $5, 1894 Bureau Issues, 50c (2, one with PSE certificate), $1 (4), 1895 to $2, Trans-Mississippi with 50c (2) and $2, 1902-03 to $2 including 50c (2) and $1 (3), Louisiana Purchase, extensive Washington-Franklins with Coils, some line pairs (few certificates), high values (some with certificates), blocks of four, Panama-Pacific, 1918 $2 (3) and $5, 1920 $2 (4), 1922-25 to $5, Rotary Press, Kansas-Nebraska, White Plains souvenir sheet, Presidentials, etc. followed by extensive back of book, Air Post with C1-6, Special Delivery complete, some varieties ("line of color through Postal Delivery", with PSE certificate), Registration stamp (3), Offices in China (K1-16), Postage Dues including J20 and J36b with PFCs, Officials fairly complete including State to $2, Newspaper Stamps with early Issues with certificates, Savings Stamps including $5 values, Vending Machine coils, large selection, with five certificates, Flat Plate imperf. Coil stamps, Booklet panes, Telegraph stamps and more, mixed condition, occasional faults noted, inspection highly recommended. A tremendous lot, high catalogue value and much useful material
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