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October 12-13, 2021

Our October 12-13, 2021 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World will take place at our Galleries and over the internet via CherrystoneLIVE. This 1,458 lot sale begins with United States, with 19th and 20th Century single rarities, graded items, proofs, essays and back of book material. The Foreign section focus is on Asia, with an outstanding collection of Large Dragons of Shanghai, used and unused individual rarities and a powerful balance lot. There is Japan with Offices in Korea, followed by stamps and Postal History of Imperial Korea, Mongolia, as well as Russian Offices in China, with Chinese Eastern Railway Stations. European countries include Austria, with local issues, France & Colonies, German Colonies, Italian States & Colonies, Poland, Russia, Great Britain & British Commonwealth, an important collection of Persia and select rarities from the rest of the world. The sale concludes with Large Lots and Collections, with hundreds of albums comprising a collection formed by Solomon Goldberg and sold on behalf of the UJA of New York. Additional lots range from single country albums to specialized collections, multi-carton worldwide groups and cover lots. Scans of the large lots are continuously being added.

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Lot #1029
POLAND 1917-1918 Polish Corps of Gen. Dowbor-Musnicki
1918 overprints, printer's approval folders containing 1k orange, imperforate strip of five, each stamp with a different unaccepted overprint including "Poczta Okupacyjna Polska" (this alone is catalogued in Fischer 150,000zl - $39,400), also "accepted", but certainly different overprint on imperforate 1k single (unissued), plus the complete set of 19 issued stamps printed in Bobruisk and in the Citadel, with printing quantities indicated, as well as the various military postmarks used for the Corps, additionally dated and counter-signed by the commanding Gen.Dowbor-Mosnicki, v.f. A rarity, probably unique (Dowbor-Mosnicki was born to medieval Polish nobility. In 1884 he joined the Russian military and graduated from the 2nd Konstantin Military School and studied at the General Staff Academy and graduated in 1902. He served in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War as a staff officer with the First Siberian Corps and was appointed a senior staff adjutant with the 7th Infantry Division. During World War I, he was temporarily put in charge of the staff of the Russian 1st Army on January 17, 1917, five weeks before the February Revolution that overthrew Tsar Nicholas II. Among the Poles living within the Russian Empire, roughly 700,000 of them were serving in the Russian military and they began forming a Polish army to fight for a "united and free Poland". In August, Dowbor-Mosnicki was appointed commander of the newly formed Polish 1st Corps in Russia. He was able to take advantage of the new government's weakness, to form three divisions in Belarus by January 1918. In May 1918, Dowbor-Mosnicki was forced to sign an agreement with Germany that led to the disarmament and effective dissolution of the Corps by July 1918, at which point he moved to Poland. The agreement was criticized by some pro-independence Polish politicians, but it preserved the core of the Polish military, which proved decisive later that year)
Lot #1030
POLAND 1917-1918 Polish Corps of Gen. Dowbor-Musnicki
1918 4k-50k perf. and 70k imperf., eleven different, used, mostly on pieces, fine-v.f., signed Mikulski, Jungjohann, Petriuk
Catalog #Mi.1/11
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