Past Auction: July 2019

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Lot #220

Balance of the New Amsterdam Collection

1851-1980 balance of the collection, generally unused singles in a Scott National Postage Stamp Album, 1971 edition, largely complete except for the items offered individually in this sale. Included are earlier imperf. and perf. 19th Century (mixed condition, some used, or with adverse Philatelic Foundation certificates), with numerous Grills, 1869 Pictorials unused to 12c, also 24c, 1870-71 National Bank Note Company Without Grill 1c-12c, also 24c, 1873 Continental Bank Note Company 1c-15c, 1875 Re-Issues of 1869 Issue with 1c, 2c, 6c and 15c, 1879 Issue 1c-6c, 1881-83 1c-10c, 1887-88 complete to 90c (218), 1890-93 1c-90c (219-29), Columbians 1c-50c, $3-$5, 1894 1c-$2 (246-62 and 264-277, 279-84), Trans-Mississippi to 50c, Pan-American Issue, 1902-03 (300-313), imperf. pair of 5c (315), Louisiana Purchase, followed by other Regular Issues with values to $1, 1913 Panama-Pacific (397-404), Washington-Franklin sets to $1 (complete), also coil singles, pairs and some line-pairs, imperf. 2c (459) single and line pair (usual crease), perf. 10 to $5 (462/480), 5c Errors in blocks of six (467,505), $2 and $5 (523,524,547), Liberty series and balance complete with White Plains souvenir sheet, Kansas-Nebraska, etc., Air Post with C1-6 and C13-15, Special Delivery, Postage Dues, Parcel Post and Shanghai overprints complete, extensive and virtually complete Officials, also a page with Confederate States, mixed condition, with occasional faults to be expected. A substantial collection of the United States singles, high catalogue value

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