Past Auction: June 2019

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1918-23 large collection on 180+ Elbe pages in three oversized albums, with extensive Trident Overprints, all locations and handstamps, values 1k-10r perf. and imperf., also Shahiv and Vienna Issue; Western Ukraine; Third Stanislaviv Issue, many multiples including sheetlets of 25 and 100, some covers and many rare, well researched items, clearly identified, with many hundreds of used and unused divided by area, including local tridents from Homel, Chernihiv, Klintsi, Novonielitsa (including 2k and 3k on registered cover from Homel), Zhitomir, all varieties of Kiev I,II and III, perf. and imperf. values to 10r, Ministerial overprints on Romanov issue, Odessa, Ekaterinoslav, Kharkov and Kherson, various types, as well as Podolia and Poltava. There is also a section of Western Ukraine, as well as Ukraine National Issues, Polish Eagle surcharges, Vienna Issues (with selection of sheets, printed on maps, on both sides, etc.), 1920 Courier Field Post Issue (duplicated selection of 45 unused, many signed Fischer, Vienna, including Scott M1-15 unused), errors and varieties, occasional reference items, many stamps are signed by the appropriate experts, with many scarce and elusive items. A fine and advanced collection of Ukraine
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