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1784-1956 collection of stamps and Postal history of Trieste Austrian City in five large Governor (Elbe) albums, with detailed descriptions on pages, beginning with 1784 through 1804 stampless letters, followed by 1809 French Occupation period with associated covers, including 1810 document which illustrates Napoleon's rule and the fact of Trieste remaining a free port. There are documents/letters with various transit marks; Austria 1850 double circle cancellations; single circle Trieste cancellations on individual stamps and on covers, 1855 Trieste to Alexandria reverse receipt markings on cover, registered letter Trieste local usage, mixed franking with wax seal, cover delivered by Steamship; Newspaper Stamps and Newspaper Tax stamps, two covers with Greek Hermes Heads, spectacular usage of the Lombardy Venetia issue, 1868 issues on cover, one with Seepost cancel on reverse (Trieste to Calcutta). There are picture postcards showing S. Carlo Pier, Trieste, Correspondence cards with reply cards, Deutsch-Amerika Seepost Hamburg to NY and Trieste to Boston, violet Trieste military censor markings on correspondence cards, picture postcards of Trieste late 1800s, maritime mail, Austria Lloyd Shipping Line covers, 1918 Italian Occupation of Trieste Venezia Giulia (Scott N1/14, etc.), registered and censored mail, some errors and varieties, Italy Philatelic Congress in 1922 (Scott 142A-D), also Busta-Lettera with Congress cancels, 1926 first flight Trieste to Torino, commercial airlines correspondence cards, Postcards of ships and covers of Consulate Line, 1934 The Zucker Postal Rocket Start in Trieste cover with vignette on reverse, also collective proof on thick paper with overprinted SAFF10. There are covers of USS Charleston and other US ships visiting Trieste in 1937, also 1943 German Occupation of Trieste covers with "Durch Deutscher Dienstpost Adria", 1945 Yugoslavia occupation with Istria and Slovenia issues, followed by 1945 Allied Occupation of Trieste, with various Administrations stamps and fiscals, Military permit travel stamps, Zone A Italian stamps overprinted issues through 1954, AM-VG issues with various cancels, revenues, machine and stamped paper, Stock transfer forms, Imprinted paper and Municipal issues general revenues, 1956 visit of President Eisenhower DC, collection of Trieste Zone B and much more. A comprehensive and thoroughly researched collection, with many elusive items, mostly fine-v.f.
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