Past Auction: June 2019

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Lot #4306


1843-1980 large collection of used and unused (mostly) in four cartons, on Scott album pages, all countries well represented in bulging albums, with Argentina, Brazil (including 1-3 used, two copies of 90r), Chile, with additional pages of the first issues, modern souvenir sheets, extensive Colombia and Colombian States, Dominican Republic, with good representation of first issue, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, with additional material from Boris Joffe collection, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador, Paraguay, including additional stock book with specialized material (imperfs, proofs, errors and varieties), Ecuador, Mexico, some additional pages and folders with new issues and year sets, revenues, excellent Air Post of all countries, some back of the book, supplemented throughout with imperfs, inverted and double overprints and surcharges, some proofs and essays, also dozens of evelopes, with miscellaneous covers, varieties, etc., mixed condition among the early issues, balance fine-vs.., solid holding of South and Central Americas

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