Past Auction: June 2019

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1860-1960 large and highly specialized collection in seven large volumes, neatly written-up on pages, with extensive study of the first issues, Seated Liberia with unused and used singles, multiples, paper varieties, die proofs of reprints, Regular issues, Officials, overprinted Specimen, imperforate and part perf. varieties, "Ordinary" overprint Provisionals on "OS" issues, Registration pictorials, 1906-34 multiples, proofs, errors and varieties of every type, Provisionals, extensive showing of Officials, Semi-Postals, many FDCs, 1936-49 surcharges, specialized Air Post, with first flight covers, varieties, imperf. pairs, overprinted Specimen, extensive used and unused postal stationery, with cards, entire envelopes and wrappers, Red Cross Charity stamps, 1949-53 Jehadi Ashmun specialized with Specimen overprints, Proofs and trial colors, artist die proofs, 1953-59 Miniature sheets and souvenir sheets, 1958 President's tour of Europe, other Presidential series including 1966 J.F. Kennedy, many unissued designs, proofs from Banknote Company archives, also old picture postcards of Monrovia 1905 some of missionary homes, WWII military post with APO 605, some 1891-92 covers and cancels, censored and maritime mail, German Steam ship mail cancels and much more, truly an amazing holding, generally fine-v.f.
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