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1781-1988 collection on pages, written up by an advanced philatelist, housed in six albums. Origin of the collection was Dr. Boranio, former president of Haitian Philatelic Society, many signed stamps. Included are FLs with CAP transit; 1781 folder letter from Petit Grove (one of the first after the post office was destroyed by inclement weather); French arrival postmarks on mail from the Colonies; Schiffbriefpost Hamburg 1847; 1850 Ship 6 FL to Boston; 1847 ship letter with 5c unpaid letter rate plus 2c ship letter fee for total of 7c; used and unused 1881 Liberty Head imperforate and perf. 13 1/2, study of forgeries (examples and written explanation, Fournier die proofs and others); Liberty Heads on covers; Provisionals 1887; rare cover with a negative Cap Haitian to Barbados by German Steamer via St Thomas. In addition, there are 1891 Coat of Arms and provisional surcharges; variations of Palm Tree, colors and perforations, imperforate sheets of 1891 Coat of Arms First Printing in purple, orange; varieties of imperfs; first printings with cancelations; Lithographed forgeries, petite FL with two 5 Coat of Arms stamps from Aquin to NY; Coat of Arms revised design in variations; Specimen overprints; 1889 President Simon Sam; Haiti's only known Perfin in blue. There are also Revenues used as postage 1922, Lindbergh's visit cachet on FDCs and stamps; Airmail inauguration and service covers with various cancelations and types and colors; covers sent from Jeremie 1927; Airmail covers with limited number of mail pieces carried; West Indies Arial Express Inauguration of Service signed by pilot with number of letters carried identified; Lindbergh souvenir postcards used and canceled and one unused; Lindbergh's Feb 6 flight; Inauguration of Pan-American Airways covers; First Airmail issues stamps and covers 1929-30, covers carried with first flight via Pan-American Airways autographed by pilots Oct 20 (12 pieces carried); covers stamped with special blue cancelation honoring Senator King; commemoratives for non-stop flight from New York to Haiti; Pictorial Definitives 1933-1940; 1933 cover commemorating the first non-stop flight of the Columbia signed by pilot and co-pilot; stamp issues to commemorate the French conquest; Airmail Definitives; provisional overprints; Anniversary of airmail covers; covers of first all North Carolina Air mail Flights October 16, 1937; censored advertising covers; Stamps Port au Prince Sports Stadium building fund; Third inter-America Caribbean conference; Airmail issues and Provisionals; cancelations representing the 450 anniversary of the discovery of Haiti; Admiral H. Killick stamp variations; Postal Tax stamps; 1944 United Nations Relief Fund Postal Tax Stamp Large Sunken Die Proof; 1944 Airmail Provisionals including double overprint; Red Cross FDCs; FDR memorial stamps and large die proofs; variations of Col Francois Capois stamps and large die proofs; 1949 UPU Essay; 200th Anniversary of the Founding of Port-Au-Prince Proofs; various errors and varieties and much more. A fascinating collection, with excellent content and much potential
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