Past Auction: June 2019

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1849-1970 collection in a well-filled Scott Specially album, first two pages with No.1 (unused without gum), others used (missing only 1fr vermilion), perforated issues with unused 1862 Empire 1c-40c, then 1863 1c-80c unused, 5fr (used), 1870-71 Bordeaux (20c used, others unused), 1871 1c-80c unused, mostly complete Type Sage (missing the few rarities), Merson, commemoratives with 1931 Pont du Gard 20fr perf. 11 (No.254) and others, Semi-Postals (missing only B10), Air Post with C1-2, C15, Postage Dues, some additional pages with WWI Military Frank covers; Postage Due Stamps on covers including one from 1864; Amiens Chamber of Commerce issued stamps during postal workers' strike 1953, etc. French General Issues for the Colonies starting 1859 in various types; semi postal stamps from 1943; Postage due stamps for the Colonies 1884-85; France local issues with "liberated" overprints, special issues and labels for military during WWI and martyred cities. 1918 stamp booklet of 20 different Allied Aviators of WWI (Stamps intact); 1929 stamp booklet of 20 different French Generals of WWI; various types of Comite National de defense Contre al Tuberculosis Paris 1926 and 1936, and individual stamps for years 1957-1974, French Offices in Port Said Egypt, Turkish Empire Constantinople, some China, few covers, etc., mixed condition, many fine-v.f., substantial catalogue value

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