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1871-1986 large specialized collection on pages in 10 albums (nine are old-time Centennial albums), with extensive representation of Kingdom of Afghanistan, many hundreds of Tiger's Head, numerous types, used and unused, also pairs, strips of blocks of four, complete and partial panes of the 1877-78, also comprehensive 1881-91 Types, hundreds of paper varieties, types and shades, many covers, Revenues (Tiger's head removed), 1891 Kingdom issues, including proof sheet of all values in black, on pink pelure paper, Abdur Rahman (Mosque Gate and Crossed Cannons), 1894 the Skeleton Issue, Registration stamps, Parcel Receipt stamps, cancellations and study of forgeries; Habibullah Khan; National Seals; Amanullah Khan; definitive issues; provisional issues; other Revenues; 1921-30 commemoratives and definitive issues, many panes of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and larger, also tete-beche varieties, part perf. and imperf. errors, several covers, some used in combination with Indian adhesives, used from Kabul to Peshawar, also external mail to Australia, 1920-23 issues, with many covers franked with the Royal star adhesives, used in combination with Indian franking, 1923 Independence Day overprints, 1929 Provisional Issues, Air Post, Officials, extensive Parcel Post, with many multiples, Seals and others. Modern issues include sets and souvenir sheets, Wardak Resistance issues and much more; one volume is devoted to additional postal stationery, especially airletters. This is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Afghanistan we have ever offered, truly an exciting holding for a student or specialist
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