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1816-1993 extensive collection on pages, housed in 10 albums, with Ottoman Era and Austrian Post starting in 1816 with a FL delivered by messenger (from Cictroe Fratolli Lumma of Shkoder to Signore Capn. Niccolo Tripcovich of Durazzo), Ottoman Era with FLs including 1849 pre-philatelic cover from Scutari to Constantinople (showing Type I (an Jabib) cancelation in the first year of its use). There is also an 1863 cover from Venezia to Scutari, with Ottoman Postage Due added on arrival. Plus dozens of better strikes (all described on pages), stationery entires with Janina Argyrokastron, bilingual Erguire, Berat to Trieste, plus many others. The Austrian Post to 1915 is well covered with many examples of cancelations, FL used in 1855 from Delbintsi Mission, via Antivari and Sardinian State to France, numerous Austrian adhesives, Durazzo cancels on stampless letters, covers from Janina, cards from Prevesa, rare cancels from San Giovanni di Medua, Santi Quaranta, Scutari, Valona, also on cards and covers. The Italian Post 1901-14 features a collection of various Post Offices in Durazzo, Scutari, Janina, Valona, with used and unused stamps, covers and postal stationery. First Greek occupation includes military mail from Ayi Saranta, also a 1913 Army of Janina cover, 1912-14 overprints on Greek stamps, also Postage Dues and many errors and varieties. There is the first Montenegrin Occupation 1912-13, with stamps and cover. There are used and unused 1913 Eagle handstamps, with varieties and better values included (high catalogue value), also stationery entire with handstamp directly applied (used from Fier to Tirana), extensive Postage Dues, Korce Provisionals, Austrian-Hungarian Occupation; Durres Government; Regency Regime; Greek Occupation, also Northern Epirus; German Control; During and after the period of occupation. The Modiano Stamps of 1912, many proofs and varieties, sheets, extensive People's Republic of Albania; Cessionary ventures, Mirdite Republic, Italian and German Occupation during WWII, including errors and varieties, postal stationery, rare Fieldpost, etc. Original Artist Drawing of issue to honor freedom fighter Kemal Stefa with design sets and stamps; 1959-1993. amazing collection of photo postcards depicting Albanian culture including regional costumes, work life, towns, villages and seaports, military cards from Italian campaigns WWI, etc. A truly outstanding collection of Albania
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