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Lot #329

United States - U.S.Postal Agency Siberia

1920 cover addressed to Seattle, franked with 2c carmine, tied by indistinct meter cancel, straight line "Passed by Censor" and showing "U.S.S. South Dakota" endorsement at top ("South Dakota" served as flagship of the Asiatic Fleet and was stationed at Vladivostok, Siberia during the winter of 1920, serving to aid and defend in the withdrawal of American troops. The White Russian Army was defeated at the Volga Front and the Siberian government was collapsing. It was President Wilson in 1918 that ordered the 27th and 31st Infantry to Siberia and with pressure from the Congress; Wilson ordered that these American troops should withdraw from Siberia. The situation in Russia had deteriorated markedly and the Bolshevik armies had driven the White Russian forces back into Siberia, and the collapse of the White government, headed by Admiral Alexander Kolchak, sounded the death knell of the western attempt to intervene in the Russian Civil War; the American intervention was coming to an end)

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