Past Auction: March 2019

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Lot #1456


1851-1999 collection in four Lighthouse hingeless albums, with mostly used 19th Century, including 1851 1c, 3c and 10c, 1857 with two different 5c brown, brick red, 1861 to 30c, 1867 Grills to 30c (including Scott No. 100 pen canceled "presentation example" with APS certificate), 1869 to 30c, numerous Banknotes to 90c, unused from 1890 90c (Scott 229), Columbians to 50c, Bureau Issues to 50c, Trans-Mississippi to 10c, Pan-Americans, various Washington-Franklins to $1, Panama-Pacific to 10c, Coils, Liberty to $1, White-Plains souvenir sheet, mostly complete from the Presidentials. Airpost with C1-6, C13-15 Zeppelin set of three, then Special Delivery, Postage Dues including few early issues, Parcel Post complete to $1, Duck Hunting from 1944 (not complete), etc., mixed condition, faults noted, many fine or better, inspection recommended

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