The Winterfell Collection of German Occupation; The Pottow Collection of Great Britain; The Kulczycky Collection of Western Ukraine
February 20-21, 2019

The Winterfell Collection has been carefully assembled by a discerning philatelist, with a keen eye for the various overprints applied by the Nazi postal authorities over the sovereign stamps of occupied countries. There are many rarities from Estonia, Lithuania, Bohemia and Moravia, Sudetenland, Poland, Soviet Union, Kotor, Montenegro and others. Highlights are too numerous to mention, with 480 lots of used and unused singles, sets and covers. Virtually all stamps and covers are accompanied by expert certificates from the recognized authorities.

The Brian Pottow Collection of Great Britain is an impressive holding of some of the finest stamps of Great Britain and includes unused Penny Blacks, a single and a pair of the iconic VR Official, unused 2p blue, with marginal inscription and many others. You will also find unused, original gum 1878 £1 Brown Lilac (SG £90,000) in splendid condition, £5 Orange, numerous high value KEVII and George V singles and £1 blocks of four, followed by a handsome group of the ever-popular Seahorses. In addition, there are Specimen overprints, varieties and proofs.

Dr. Ihor Kulczycky needs no introduction to collectors of Ukraine. Author of dozens of definitive research articles on Western Ukrainian Philately, Dr. Kulczycky assembled what is universally considered to be the finest collection of this intriguing philatelic area. There are over 400 lots of stamps and covers, beginning with postal history under the Austrian monarchy and ending with Soviet Ukraine. Highlights include a partial reconstruction of the famous Ekonomat document, plus many used and unused rarities of Lviv, Kolomyia and Stanyslaviv issues. Postal history of Western Ukraine is exceptionally well represented, illustrating usages during the short-lived Republic, followed by Polish, Romanian, German and Russian Occupations, military mail, a variety of censor markings, mail from the Ukrainian Legion and much more. Collected over a lifetime, many of the items are offered for the first time at Public Auction.

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Lot #3301
1939 "Memelland ist Frei", 15c, 30c, 35c and 60c complete set of four in sheets of 100, showing the three different types (Type I x40, type II x46, type III x14), also unlisted varieties such as printing flaws, etc., n.h., sensibly folded between stamps, complete marginal "Bradbury Wilkinson" imprints at bottom, v.f. and rare set of sheets, Euro 16,000+
Box **
Catalog #Mi.I-IV

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