Past Auction: January 2019

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Lot #1624


1862-2000 stock of thousands in glassine envelopes, neatly arranged in five large "red boxes" in chronological Scott Catalogue order, hundreds of Large Hermes Heads mostly used, with many nice examples, Small Hermes Heads, overprints and surcharges, 20th Century with 1906 Olympics to 5dr, various rouletted issues, Venizelist Provisional Government Issues, 1923 surcharges, 1927 Landscapes, Navarrino, Centenary of Independence, most of the 1940s and 1950s sets in small quantities (up to 10 of each), same of the later issues, also back of the book, Air Post, etc., aside for the 19th Century which is mixed used and unused, balance is generally unused, l.h. or n.h. to 1950, n.h. thereafter, also additional quantities of used singles, generally fine-v.f. and truly comprehensive stock of Greece, high catalogue value

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