Past Auction: December 2018

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Lot #5497


1857-1991 advanced collection formed by George Shalimoff, virtually complete in eight large Scott's albums, starting with volume I which contains Imperial Russia, including No.1 (small faults, with Sismondo certificate stating "unused", but sold on its own merits), also five additional used examples, various pmks, one with pen cancel, 1858 10k (No.2, 20 used examples, including one with rare "1" experimental small numeral cancel), also 20k and 30k (3,4) used, Third Issue (5-10) unused, also dozens of numeral dot cancels, including 30k, St. Petersburg local (No.11) unused block of four, also four used singles (various dates), 1865 1k, 3k, 20k and 30k unused (12,13,17-18), also dozens of used color varieties, interesting pmks, canceled on pieces, used in Poland, etc., 1868-79 1k-30k unused (19-30), plus some pairs and larger multiples, also vertically laid paper, numerous examples used (19c/28a), from there unused, with 1883-84 Posthorns without Thunderbolts (31-40), numerous shades, also used, as well as unuse

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