Past Auction: December 2018

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Lot #4751


1897 Chauvin, Chevalier & Co Correspondence from Canton to France, seven large commercial letters, one used May 11, paying $1.00 with 20x5c Victoria, including a block of fourteen, sent via Hong Kong (May 12), with "Ligne N Paq Fr. No.1" cds on front, also endorsed par "Yangtze,"; another used May 19, paying $1.30 with 10c, 30c and 20x5c Victoria, including blocks of 14 and strips and pairs, sent via Hong Kong, with red "Modane a Paris" entry pmk, par "Cromwell" ship endorsement; another sent on 14 July, paying $1.30 with 10x2c, 2x5c and 10x10c Victoria, including blocks of 10, pairs and strips, par "Ravenna" ship endorsement, others with similar large franking, usual cover wear and some faults, scarce group with seven different ships represented


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