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Lot #4135

United States - U.S.Postal Agency Siberia

1919 (19 July) cover with Russian Railway Service Corps corner cachet, sent by Col. G. H. Emerson with the A.E.F. Siberia to Mrs. Emerson in St. Paul, franked with Russian 70k imperf. adhesive, canceled by Vladivostok cds, violet "Passed Military Censorship A.E.F. Siberia" and censor's signature at bottom left, fine cover from the commandant of the R.R.S.C. (The Russian Railway Service Corps was a semi military organization of American railway engineers and technicians formed by the Department of State in September 1917 at the request of the Provisional Government of Russia to operate the Trans-Siberian, Chinese Eastern, and Ussuri Railways. The first contingent of 350 men under the command of Colonel George Emerson arrived in Vladivostok on December 14, 1917. Shortly after, they left for Nagasaki, Japan, because of unsettled conditions. In March 1918, the Corps returned to Russia and began its work under the direction of John F. Stevens, Chairman of the Advisory Commission of Railway Experts to Russia and la

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