Past Auction: December 2018

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Lot #5515


1836-1917 balance of the George Shalimoff's Imperial covers collection, 90 covers or cards in three binders, with several stampless, including Russia No.2 used from Moscow, boxed 1st Division three-line departure datestamp, another pen canceled, other Moscow town cancels, three and four-color combination frankings, 3k "V" in background on cover, St. Petersburg dot cancels, insured Wax Seal letters, registered covers, used in Finland, advertising cachets, 1899 7k advertising Empress Maria lettersheet used from Peterhof, 1851 10k stationery envelope from St. Petersburg to Vilnius, Ship mail cards "Parokhod Perm-Nizhniy" to San Francisco, two others "Batum-Odessa", one to Italy, covers franked with 1915 semi-postals, also Russian Offices in China, cover from Tientsin to London, another from Chifu to USA, Russian Levant cover from Smyrna to Aleppo, with Ottoman dues added on arrival, other registered covers from Constantinople to USA (Yaremdji correspondence), "Collect on Delivery" and "Express" labels on cards,

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