Past Auction: December 2018

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Lot #5500


1919-91 George Shalimoff's collection of errors and varieties, many hundreds on pages, housed in three volumes, one dedicated to RSFSR and early definitives, used and unused perforation and color varieties, listed and unlisted, shades and paper varieties (wove, granite, thin, thick, ordinary, chalky, white, yellow), vertical and horizontal screen varieties (rasters), scarce line and comb-perforations, plate flaws, dozens of fantails (imperf. at right, bottom, left, top, also occasional pairs imperf. between), perforation and color shifts, cliche varieties, souvenir sheets showing various types and positions, some blocks and se-tenant pairs and strips, gutter pairs, printing varieties, occasional imperf. singles and pairs and more, many double and inverted overprints, all neatly identified, many better items, generally fine-v.f.

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