Past Auction: December 2018

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Lot #5464


1890-1920 large collection of many hundreds, parallel used and unused singles and sets, extensive Offices in China (there are no Offices in Morocco or Levant), with excellent representation of Boxer Rebellion pmks (Petschili North China), forerunners, overprints and surcharges on 5m values, various types identified, dozens of better cancels on pieces, Kiauchau, with all Yacht values unused (including unwatermarked $2 1/2), also used to $1 1/2, comprehensive German New Guinea, Samoa, Togo, New Britain with many G.R.I. overprints, Caroline Islands, Cameroun, Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, German South-West Africa and German East Africa. The collection is replete with forerunners, shades, occasional varieties, stamps canceled on pieces, special pmks, many expert signed, few certificates included. Condition is generally fine or better, with occasional flaws (short perfs, toning, thin spots). An excellent collection of German Colonies, huge catalogue value

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