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1872-1991 balance of the M.C.Gilhausen collection housed in 8 albums, including 2-volume specialized collection of Bavaria, with No.1, dozens of imperforate singles, various cancels, unaccepted proofs and essays, another volume with 1872 Large and Small shields, numerals, mostly used, but also unused blocks of four, shades and perforation varieties, other Old States, some better Oldenburg, Bremen, etc. Post World War II volumes include one dedicated to "the postal war" (East and West Germany), with covers franked with Black Berlin overprints, used in combination with Posthorn overprints of the Bizone and SBZ overprints and Leipzig Fair issue of the East Zone, October 1948 special pmks used during the 100 days of the Berlin Airlift, double franking east and west zone issues, West Berlin usage of East Berlin stamps, Communist slogan countered with rubber handstamped messages, postal stationery Communist slogans obliterated in West Berlin, others returned by East Berlin authorities as inadmissible, plus many ot
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