Past Auction: December 2018

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1961 Tristan Relief surcharges, set of four blocks of four, two sheet corner margin, n.h., v.f., with 2016 BPA certificate (The small island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic, hit the headlines in October 1961 when violent volcanic activity caused the evacuation of the population. The authorities on the neighboring island of St. Helena, some 1,400 miles to the north-east, started a Relief Fund, and a supply of Tristan da Cunha stamps were surcharged "ST. HELENA Tristan Relief" with an amount for the fund. Unfortunately only the Colonial Office in London could authorize new stamps, a fact clearly unknown to the Governor, and the issue was withdrawn after only one week). These are among the rarest of modern stamps as only 434 sets were sold, only a few blocks exist (SG 172-175)
Box **
Catalog #B1-4
Catalog Value £32,000

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