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BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Canadian Expeditionary Force in Siberia

1919-22 four covers with Canadian franking, Griffin correspondence, with North Russia Expeditionary Force endorsements ("Elope"), last cover used in 1922 and sent to Poland, some wear and tear, rare group (in 1918 Canadians were scattered across Russia, beyond the Siberian Expeditionary Force based in Vladivostok. There was a contingent of Canadians in Omsk, there were Canadian Air Corps men flying over the Black Sea and even a small force in Baku. The major group of Canadians was the North Russian Expeditionary Force located at Murmansk and Archangel. Two Forces were drawn up to land in North Russia. The first group named SYREN was to take over security of Murmansk and help push back the advancing Bolsheviks. The second group name ELOPE was to land with SYREN but then head by land, south to Archangel and establish another defensive zone. Canada's involvement with these two forces was accepted from the beginning. The British War Office asked for a Special Service Force of 100 men to be formed from the ranks

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