Past Auction: October 2018

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Lot #3505


1850-1985 collection in four Lindner or SAFE albums, classic issues include Scott's No.2c (with Sismondo certificate), 3, 3e, 4, 5, 5h (with or without gum), 7a, 8, 9, 17-21, 41-46 and others; 20th Century virtually complete, including Franz Josef issues, 1908 and 1910 Birthday Jubilee, Buildings (Large and Small formats), Semi-Postals include Rotary, F.I.S., 50g WIPA (single only), Renner souvenir sheets, Air Post including Birds, Postage Dues, Military Stamps (including M1-21), etc., mixed hinged and n.h., some duplication, occasional flaws, generally fine-v.f., high catalogue value

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