Past Auction: October 2018

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Lot #3494

LARGE LOTS AND COLLECTIONS UNITED STATES - Covers and Postal History Flight Covers

1919-40s collection of thousands in seven cartons (banker's boxes), in albums and pochettes, most individually acquired over many years, with various 1918-20 first flights, rate-changes, some franked with 6c-24c (C1/C6), including C2 (July 15) and C3 (May 18), numerous CAMs, Army and Emergency flights, many 1930s internal flights, also to and from Canada, many franked with 5c Beacon, 10c Lindbergh. In addition, there are hundreds of 1930s Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific flights, many signed by the postmasters, different FAM routes, many with foreign franking, including Fiji, New Zealand, French Caledonia, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Ireland, Portugal, also mixed-frankings, Clipper Club covers, Tin Can Mail (Tonga), some later Pan Am flights, pilot signed, etc. An astounding and wide array of franking and cachets, wonderful holding, ex-Ernest Wheeler

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