Deborah Friedman Collection of Colombian Airmail; U.S. & Worldwide Stamps
November 7, 2007 and November 13-15, 2007

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Lot #2287
1920 Proclamation Issue, locally printed set of five, each reading "Gilan 25 Sura 1294" (Province of Gilan and date of proclamation of the republic) and "Post Inquilabi Iran" (Post of Revolutionary Iran), used, minor flaws, otherwise fine-v.f., scarce. After the Russian Revolution, a movement under Kuchuk Mirza Khan got hold of the province of Gilan and early in 1918, occupied Resht. Cooperating with the Red Army, he occupied other Caspian Provinces and proclaimed a Revolutionary Republic of Iran. In December 1920, the Iranian Government organized an Expeditionary Force and eventually Mirza Khan fled towards the Khalkhal District where he froze to death. An interesting set
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