Deborah Friedman Collection of Colombian Airmail; U.S. & Worldwide Stamps
November 7, 2007 and November 13-15, 2007

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Lot #2169
1845 FL to Bordeaux, with negative intaglio "Gonaives Paye" hs, placed in the English post with Jacmel date stamp on back, routed through London where boxed "Colonies ^ Art.12" currency exchange mark was applied, additionally rated "20" (deci) on arrival, fine letter from Haiti
Price Realized

Lot #2170
1883 incoming Austrian 2kr stationery card, sent from Graz to Cap Haitien, redirected back to Graz, with added 1881 1c vermilion, 2c dark violet and 3c bistre olive, tied by Cap-Haitien cds (8 June), with transit and arrival cds alongside, v.f., with Brian Moorhouse cert. which states that this is "a fine rare 3-colour first issue franking and the only known such combination of values", ex-Hubbard. A unique exhibition piece, Austria and Haiti combination, also signed Matl
Catalog #1-3
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Lot #2171
1904 Presidents, six different, each with center inverted, fine-v.f.
Catalog #83-88var

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