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1919 (Jan) cover from Aqaba to Cairo, franked with Hejaz 1/2pi scarlet, tied by bilingual EL-AKABA datestamp in black, with "Passed by Censor No.5" and Cairo (1 Feb 19) arrival on front, plus "Suez 2.II.19" pmk on back, fine and extremely rare cover, only a few examples recorded from Akaba during the Hejazi period. (During World War I, the Ottoman forces were forced to withdraw from Aqaba in 1917 after the Battle of Aqaba, led by T. E. Lawrence and the Arab forces of Auda Abu Tayi and Sherif Nasir. The capture of Aqaba allowed the British to supply the Arab forces. In 1918, Aqaba was officially incorporated into the Kingdom of the Hejaz. In 1925, Ibn Saud the ruler of Nejd gave up Aqaba to the British protectorate of Transjordan)
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