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Lot #44

United States 1861 Premiere Gravure

1861 1c indigo, Premiere Gravure (August Issue) unused without gum, usual centering, deep and rich color, rounded upper left and lower right corners, two tiny tears at right, fine appearance, with 1951 (clear) and 2019 Philatelic Foundation Certificates, ex-Huber. Siegel Census records 25 copies (including one in the Miller Collection), approximately half with faults, this copy recorded as number 55-UN-16 (currently listed in Scott catalogue as 63-E11e, catalogued as unused without gum). This example has not been seen since 1951 (at that time, the Premiere Gravure stamps were listed as Scott 55-62, with an editor's note stating "It is doubtful that Nos. 55, 56, 57, 59, 61 and 62 were regularly issued." Beginning with the 1991 U.S. Specialized Catalog, the Premiere Gravure issues, including Scott 58, were moved to the Special Printings section of the catalog. A footnote stated that "No. 62B unused cannot be distinguished from No. 58, which does not exist used." An Essays section was added to the 1992 Scott U.S. Specialized catalog and the Premiere Gravure issues were renumbered and listed in the Essays section or Trial Color Proofs section of the catalog. In the 2003 U.S. Specialized catalog, Scott recognized that the former 58 and the current 62B actually were the same stamp, and 58 was deleted from the listings. In the 2009 Scott U.S. Specialized catalog, the Premiere Gravure issues were grouped together in a special section titled "1861 First Design Essays and Trial Color Proofs." The Premiere Gravure issues also are listed in the Essays and the Trial Color, Die and Plate Proofs sections. Their current numbers, with original numbers in parentheses are: Scott 63-E11e (55), 65-E15h (56), 67-E9e (57), 69-E6e (59), 70TC6 (60), 71TC6 (61), and 72-E7h (62),
Catalog #55
Catalog Value $50,000

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