Past Auction: June 2019

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1919-2000 large, detailed collection on 14 volumes, two volumes with Slovenia, a study of the higher values of 1919-1920 King Peter 1st; Ljubljana Printing, Kingdom of Slovenia; general issues super complete from 1921, including imperf. set and overprinted "Specimen", part perf. with vertical strip of 10 of 25d dark blue, imperf. horizontally, 1922-24 black & blue overprints, error (Scott 19b), parcel card, De La Rue printings, souvenir sheets, Semi-Postals, Air Post and Postage Dues (J9a error included), covers and FDCs, 1941 National Exhibition, set of four miniature sheets of 16, with descriptive labels (B124-27), WWII Government in Exile (1945 red overprints, set of six with Tubinov certificate), 1949 UPU sheetlets of 25, 1962 Olympics imperf. set of six, various provisional surcharges, dozens of miniature sheetlets, special issues, souvenir sheets, plus much more
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